Karl Lokko is a former gang leader who has now turned his life around. Further than this, he has managed to harness his life experiences which has propelled and uniquely situated him as an activist/influencer within the U.K. Karl is a gifted orator with a rare ability to connect with people on a human level, granting him undoubtedly the role of a bridge, bridging worlds and uniting community. Karl Lokko’s oratory capacity came to light through the unfortunate and unsettling 2011 riots, where he was called upon to speak and express the hard-to-articulate feelings of the community in which he lives. Karl Lokko is a ‘Big Changer’ and consultant for Big Change, a tireless community worker and campaigner working to reform gang culture in the U.K., currently doing the ground work to establish this country’s first therapeutic community gang rehabilitation centre whilst at the same time affecting policy around the issue. Karl is undeniably one of the most potent young voices in the country and demonstrates this through various mediums.