We believe in the power of the collective and that great things can happen when we work together. We’ve built a community of people and organisations in the UK and globally, who share our mission and a belief that big change is possible.

“I really don’t want any other kid to have to go through life thinking that they’re not smart because they can’t pass the damn test. That’s pretty much why I am doing all of this.”

Joann McPike
Big Change Advisor

Supporter community

We create and unite a community of supporters to unlock and direct funds and energy to the areas of greatest impact. These people are cross-sector founders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists or business leaders. In each case, they use their financial or non-financial resources to ensure that all young people are set up to thrive.

To date we’ve connected a 1000-strong group of supporters who have fundraised and donated over £7million. At the same time, they’ve provided invaluable non-financial support to us and our pioneers, including advice, expertise, and connections. Our community is closely connected to our projects. We receive regular updates and insights, hear from our pioneers and other experts, and connect with each other through our calendar of events.

Change is Happening, Big Change Impact Event 2019

“It is for us to create the dialogue about what we would like the purpose of education to be to help young people thrive in our era.”

Sandy Speicher
Big Change Global Network

Our global network

Our global insight network was formed through two global gatherings in 2017 and 2019. It comprises an intentionally diverse mix of leaders, thinkers and pioneers from across geographies and sectors. They share a commitment to thinking and acting boldly to reimagine and transform education.

Big Change plays a “quarterback” role for the network – facilitating ongoing connections and learning within and across the group. A main driver of the network is to collectively ask and answer the big questions about education: its purpose and its possibilities. A key question is: what would it take for those possibilities – many already being brought to life by pioneers across the globe – to have transformative, system-wide impact?

As education was hugely disrupted around the world in 2020, we took the opportunity to consider whether this could be a moment to catalyse long-term change in education. In particular, we created an insight series called a #NewEducationStory for the network. This focused on engaging the wider public in ideas about the future of education and reached 6m people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and 8.5m on LinkedIn.

Together we can make big change

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