A catalyst for long-term positive change

We’re driven by a belief that all young people should be supported to thrive in times of constant change. 

In 2012, in the aftermath of the London riots, a group of friends sat around Holly Branson’s kitchen table and asked: ‘how can we rethink the role of charity and become a catalyst for long-term positive change?’

Their answer: to find and back pioneers who lead early-stage projects that support young people.

These projects cut across a broad range of areas linked to our 10 big hopes for change. Their leaders share our belief in tackling the root cause of issues affecting young people, teachers, parents and carers. They take a ‘big picture’ system view and create early interventions that treat underlying causes rather than symptoms.

Uniting our community

We have built and continue to maintain a strong community of supporters, not least through our Strive fundraising challenges and other events. In recent events, we have set out to learn more about the challenges of reimagining and transforming education systems. As well as drawing on research, we’ve learnt from our projects and from our global network of thought leaders, experts and pioneers.

The courage to lead is to say that just because the model is normal, just because it is embraced and operated by the vast majority, doesn’t mean it is the right model for the times we are in. It’s having the courage to stand up and say, “I think we have to do things differently”.

Simon Sinek
Big Change Advisor

Big Change’s commitment to Diversity Equity and Inclusion

We put DEI at the heart of everything we do, from the young people and project partners we work with, to the way we behave and operate as a charity, and to the people we welcome into the organisation. 

We want our progress towards DEI, to be measured by our actions, and are keen to encourage feedback, challenge, and new ideas from everyone we work alongside.

Our objectives
We recognise that change only happens when we work together and we are all accountable for our DEI objectives at Big Change, both as individuals and as an organisation. 

Each team has laid out objectives and actions they will take forward as part of their ongoing work, ensuring DEI is firmly embedded across the organisation. This whole organisation approach ensures a DEI mindset drives the Big Change culture. 


We want to see a society where every young person is set up to thrive. So that even in times of constant change they will be able to contribute to the world around them, thriving in life not just exams.

Our 10 big hopes for change are our unashamedly hopeful take on the changes we want to see for all young people and across the wider education system.

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So far we have found and backed 36 pioneers and their early-stage projects that have reached over 1.2m young people across the UK.

We don’t support what is easy to fund. Rather we focus on giving a diverse group of leaders what they need to address a pressing problem, whilst also creating the conditions for wider change across systems.

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Who we are

As a catalyst, we keep our core team small. We focus on working with and through others.

We draw on an extraordinary breadth of expertise. As well as our Trustees and Advisors who ensure we deliver on our mission and strategy, we benefit from the generosity and expertise of a diverse community of supporters.

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