Our mission is to change the way we support the next generation. 

As a social impact accelerator, we back big ideas that help young people to thrive in life not just in exams.

At Big Change, we invest in big ideas that offer alternative ways of supporting young people. We do this by finding, incubating, and connecting powerful ideas to the people and support that can make change a reality.

We are constantly learning from our projects and community, so we can uncover the insights that will lead our team and our peers to create big change, together.

Recognising that change doesn’t happen by doing more of the same, there are two key things that we do differently…


Our Approach

We back powerful ideas at an early stage of their development, allowing them to learn, grow and prove their impact. This enables them to attract further funding and scale their work. We work closely with our partners to develop and implement their plans recognising that early stage ideas often need flexible and tailored support.

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1. Potential for impact – we look for projects that have the potential to drive exponential rather than incremental change. They address a clear need or gap in the current way things are done to drive long-term, systemic change.

2. Growing organisational capacity – we help organisations to become sustainable and capable of driving impact at scale. We cover operating costs and amplify investment through connections, partnerships, and profile.

3. Impact on Young People – the core purpose of our projects is to drive positive change for young people, equipping them with the skills, experiences and opportunities to thrive. While each project is different, all share the common goal to empower young people.


Our Project Partners

All of our project partners work preventatively and systemically, and we strive to understand and deal with root causes of problems  rather than their symptoms. We back a diverse portfolio of projects, recognising that no one element alone will drive change:

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Our projects do three key things:

1. Give young people the skills to believe in themselves and drive change in their own lives and the world around them (for example Voice 21, an oracy curriculum that is helping young people to communicate better)

2. Help young people access the opportunities they need to develop and grow (for example NCS’s opportunity hub, an online platform that will give 60% of teenagers in the UK access to employment and volunteering opportunities)

3. Create environments of support for young people where change is possible – often that means understanding and working with key adults including parents, teachers, social worker or guardians (for example Frontline, a graduate children’s social work programme that is bringing new talent to the profession)


Big Change are investing in people who want to see a real change, not just a minor improvement. They are open about being on a learning journey, and bringing everyone along on it, this way they have created a unique group of funders, founders and beneficiaries. 

Ed Fidoe, Founder Voice 21

To find our more about all of the projects that we support, check out our projects page.