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Backing the people brave enough to lead change

The pioneers and projects we support are tackling complex issues that affect young people and those who support them. We work across sectors to identify leaders with great insights who are looking to develop or test new approaches to these issues.

Since publishing our 10 big hopes for change, we have shifted our backing for people or organisations who have a game-changing idea that relates to one or more of our hopes.

Together we’re helping make them a reality.

We focus on direct impact and wider system change

The projects we have supported are giving children the agency, confidence, knowledge and skills they need to fulfil their potential and contribute to their communities. At the same time, we empower the key adults in children’s lives. We help them provide, nurture and support while enabling teachers and schools to learn and improve.

We’re proud that through our support these projects have achieved significant reach and scale. They’ve directly impacted the lives of over 1.2m children and young people and 143,000 teachers and adults. Beyond that, many of their leaders have gone on to influence policy and system-wide changes. Our initial funding has also allowed these projects to go on and unlock over £45m in additional funds to grow their impact.

Together we can make big change

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