Nesta’s ‘The Future of Skills. Employment in 2030’ report maps out how employment is likely to change in the future – including the implications for skills – and anticipates a number of new occupations.

  • Around one-tenth of the workforce are in occupations that are likely to grow as a percentage of the workforce and round one-fifth are in occupations that will likely shrink.
  • Education, healthcare, and wider public sector occupations are likely to grow while some low-skilled jobs, in fields like construction and agriculture, are less likely to suffer poor labor market outcomes than has been assumed in the past.
  • The report highlights the skills that are likely to be in greater demand in the future, which include interpersonal skills, higher-order cognitive skills, and systems skills.
  • We also identify how the skills make up of different occupations can be altered to improve the odds that they will be in higher demand in the future.
  • The future workforce will need broad-based knowledge in addition to the more specialised skills that will are needed for specific occupations.