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16 May 2024

We are seeking two committed and enthusiastic individuals to join our Board: one with senior-level finance expertise, and one with systems change experience.

About Us
At Big Change we are unashamedly hopeful for a future in which all young people can thrive in life, not just exams. We believe in the power and potential of people – individually and collectively – to create deep and lasting change. We keep our sights on the horizon and bring together people with ideas, energy and wisdom who can show the way there. 

We are on a mission to:

  • Show a new way is possible. We find and back leaders with bold ideas and projects that positively impact thousands of young people. 
  • Create change with, not to, young people. We listen to young people, support them and their ideas, and ensure their needs are at the centre of every project we back. 
  • Learn with others and shift mindsets. We bring together and learn with diverse experts and leaders who are working to transform education and learning, to inform our work and champion change together.

Trustee Responsibilities
Each trustee is accountable to the board as a whole, led by the Chair, and trustees have six main duties, first amongst them directing the affairs of the organisation and ensuring that we deliver on our mission. Our Board is composed of six trustees from the public, private, and charity sectors. We welcome applications from those seeking their first trustee role, provided they can work collaboratively at a strategic level and foster constructive relationships.

The Finance Trustee will:

  • Have advanced understanding of financial management, accounting, and budgeting. 
  • Have experience with financial reporting, compliance, and risk management. Be familiar with financial legislation and regulations applicable to the nonprofit sector. 
  • Provide financial guidance and advice relating to company and charity finance.
  • Help the charity to access further information about more complex questions in company and charity finance and other areas of finance.
  • Maintain an overview to advise on financial affairs and strategy, ensuring financial viability and that proper financial records and procedures are maintained.
  • Advise on the organisation’s reserves policy and other financial policies, on the financial implications of the organisation’s strategic and operational plans, and the fundraising and investment strategies of the organisation.
  • Signpost the organisation to other sources of support and information outside of their area of expertise.
  • Join the finance sub-committee, and any  relevant Board sub-committees where appropriate.
  • Contribute to overall strategic planning, good governance, and financial oversight.

The Systems Change Trustee will:

  • Surface, advise, input, and guide the Board and leadership team on key youth and education-related issues in a timely and structured way.
  • Assist the Board in highlighting key trends and changing approaches within the education or youth sector more broadly.
  • Act as an ambassador to the organisation, pro-actively developing the charity’s network in the private, public and third sectors.
  • Explore opportunities that further the aims and objectives of the charity.
  • Assist with accessing new potential donors and supporters, inputting on fundraising issues and attending meetings with donors, when relevant.
  • Signpost the organisation to other sources of support and information outside of their area of expertise.

Knowledge, Skills & Understanding Required

  • Commitment to Big Change and our mission
  • Ability to devote the necessary time and effort to the trusteeship e.g. scrutinising Board papers, preparing for meetings, participating in internal and external events. 
  • Preparedness to make recommendations, even unpopular ones, to the Board, and a willingness to speak your mind
  • Availability to Big Change team members making time to listen, and giving constructive advice on an ad hoc basis
  • A clear understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship
  • A clear understanding of the respective roles of the Chair, Trustees and Chief Executive Officer
  • Commitment to work with the Chair to regularly review your performance 

Other Experience Required

  • Experience of operating within a board in a charitable, public sector or commercial organisation is desirable.
  • Demonstrable experience in building and sustaining relationships with key stakeholders, colleagues, and other board members to achieve organisational objectives.
  • A track record of sound judgement and effective decision-making.
  • A history of impartiality, fairness, and the ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • A track record of commitment to promoting equality and diversity.

Time Commitment & Term
The time commitment for a trustee typically doesn’t exceed 10 hours per quarter. Trustee meetings are held from 9 AM to 12 PM on weekdays once a quarter; additional time may be required for preparation and other meetings or events, both internal and external. We strive to make our opportunities accessible to as many people as possible, so if these times are problematic, please let us know.

Upon election, trustees at Big Change commit to a two-year term. We also expect new trustees to participate in at least one training program during their induction to familiarise themselves with our work.

Trustees serve as unpaid volunteers; however, expenses such as travel costs will be reimbursed.

How to Apply
If you’re inspired by our work and have the skills and experience to help us expand our impact, please send your CV (or your LinkedIn profile) and a cover letter to to express your interest in one of these trustee roles. In your cover letter please include why you want to be part of Big Change, what good governance means to you, and how your knowledge would support our Board. 

If you need clarification on any of the responsibilities or skills required for the role before applying, our CEO or Managing Director would be happy to schedule a brief initial phone call to discuss these details and ensure a good mutual fit. Please feel free to drop us a note at with any further questions or to request a quick call, before you send your application through. Remember, choosing where to work is as important for you as it is for us. 

  • The deadline for applications is midnight on Sunday, 2nd June 2024. 
  • We aim to schedule interviews in the second and third week of June.
  • Please note that all applicants must have the unrestricted right to live and work in the UK without sponsorship.

We aim to put diversity, equity and inclusion at the heart of everything we do, from the young people and project partners we work with, to the way we behave and operate as a charity, and to the people we bring into the organisation. We welcome applications from people of any gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, race or religion and belief, and particularly from people with diverse backgrounds, those who have overcome challenging experiences or with lived experience in any areas of our work.

The statutory duties of a Big Change trustee are:

  • To ensure the organisation complies with governance (our articles of association).
  • To ensure that the organisation pursues its objectives as defined in its governing document.
  • To ensure the organisation applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objectives.
  • To contribute actively to the Board of Trustees role in giving firm strategic direction to the organisation, setting overall policy, defining goals and setting targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets.
  • To safeguard the good name and values of the organisation.
  • To ensure the effective and efficient administration of the organisation.
  • To ensure the financial stability of the organisation.
  • To protect and manage the property of the organisation and to ensure the proper investment of the organisation’s funds.
  • If the organisation employs staff, to appoint the Chief Executive Officer and monitor his or her performance.

In addition, with other trustees, to hold the charity “in trust” for current and future beneficiaries by:

  • Ensuring that the charity has a clear vision, mission and strategic direction and is focused on achieving these.
  • Being responsible for the performance of the charity and for its “corporate” behaviour; ensuring that the charity complies with all legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Acting as guardians of the charity’s assets, both tangible and intangible, taking all due care over their security, deployment and proper application.
  • Ensuring that the charity’s governance is of the highest possible standard.

“Big Change’s work fills me with hope for the future. There is never one solution to solving big problems, so supporting early-stage ideas that tackle systemic issues from many different angles is a brilliant way forward.”
Holly Branson, Big Change Founder and Trustee

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