Reimagining Education Together

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A new report from Big Change & Innovation Unit

Reimagining Education Together began with a recognition that change was needed, but an open enquiry into how it could happen. We deliberately sought out a wide range of opinions and expertise from teachers, policy experts, employers, technologists, neuroscientists, parents and young people. We found a growing consensus that in order to support all young people to thrive in a world of constant change we needed to think differently about what we are educating for and how we are going about it. If we are to truly prepare young people for life, work and citizenship in the modern world we need both a broader view of success and a broader view of the learning ecosystem.

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Simon Sinek on reimagining education


Simon Sinek is a leading thinker and best-selling author of Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last to name just a few. His new book The Infinite Game is out later this year!

Simon is a long-time friend of Big Change and much of his thinking shows parallels with the incredible pioneers who are reimagining education all over the world.

We asked him to talk about his thoughts on education and how we can pioneer change together so that all young people can thrive in a world of constant change.

Film by Sundog Pictures, directed by Bafta award-winning James Newton for Big Change.

Global pioneers

When it comes to Reimagining Education, nothing explains our vision better than the work of education pioneers and champions, and researchers from around the world.

Because education is everyone’s business.

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