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Big Change wants to see a society where we work together to support all young people to thrive.

We back pioneering people and projects at the frontline of change, and unite a community of supporters to support them to achieve the greatest impact.

Emergent Needs and Opportunities Fund

At the end of last year we set out our 10 hopes for change, an unashamedly hopeful take on the changes we want to see for education and learning in the UK. We believe these #hopes4ed to be more relevant now than ever.

The current crisis is exposing the cracks created by existing inequities in how young people are supported to thrive. These will only continue to deepen unless we seize the moment to act now, with a view to supporting long-term change.

With our 10 hopes for change in mind, we established an Emergent Needs and Opportunities Fund to find and back the pioneers and leaders surfacing at this critical time. The fund focuses on those leaders and ideas that can address a clear need in this moment, while also laying foundations for long-term system change by showing that a new way is possible.

We have been working with cross-sector partners and networks to source applications and are so pleased to announce our new project partners. Please have a read and share with your colleagues, networks and peers!

Stay safe and big love x

Do you share these 10 big hopes for change?

Do you share our 10 big hopes for change?

We’re ambitious for young people and for the future of education and learning in this country. Please take a look at and share #hopes4ed, which capture what we hope big change in education will look like.