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Big Change wants to see a society where we work together to support all young people to thrive.

We back pioneering people and projects at the frontline of change, and unite a community of supporters to support them to achieve the greatest impact.

Supporting Big Change Projects Through this Crisis

We know that times are tough at the moment. We’ve reached out to all our Big Change project partners to reassure them that we’re committed to our ethos of flexibility and support for their work.

We’re taking this time to listen to our pioneers, our networks, and the sector to understand what is needed and what would be most useful at this point in time so that we can work out how to support those in need. Our support for them will include:

  • Flexibility on milestones and deliverables during the grant period
  • Close partnership on revised activities, milestones, payments  and reporting
  • Listening and working with them to adapt  as their plans and needs change

We will also be making financial support available to any current or past project partner who is looking to adapt their services in order to add value during and after the pandemic.

If you’d like to help us identify areas where there’s most need, please get in touch to share the challenges you’re facing and/or how you’ve been impacted.

We’ll get through this together. Stay safe and big love x

Do you share these 10 big hopes for change?

Do you share our 10 big hopes for change?

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