Big Change: Reimagining Education

Education is our greatest lever for human, social and economic change. At a time when our society faces poor social mobility, unacceptable gaps in attainment, rising mental health issues and a lack of the skills needed for 21st century careers, we must question whether the education systems we’ve created are meeting our needs.

Reimagining Education Together began with a recognition that change was needed, but an open enquiry into how it could happen was needed. We sought out opinions and expertise from expertise from teachers, policy experts, employers, technologists, neuroscientists, parents and young people. We found a growing consensus that in order to support all young people to thrive in a world of constant change we needed to think differently about what we are educating for and how we are going about it.

It became clear that not only is change necessary, it is also possible. It showed us that the answer to how change happens is: together.