The change we want to see

We reimagine education so that every young person can thrive in life not just exams.

Our goals are to:

  • promote a new common purpose for learning that prepares young people for life, work and citizenship,
  • to prepare a change-ready system that can support broader learning outcomes,
  • to engage all sections of society to support learning at school, in the home and in the community.

We believe that there are social, economic and moral arguments for whole system transformation in education. Change is necessary and it is also possible. Pioneers around the world are leading thinking and action that show us what can be achieved. We back these pioneers and help them reimagine education together.

How we work

The world is changing fast, we need to rethink what we do today to help young people realise their potential, whatever the future may bring.

approach wheel

1. We listen and learn

with and from all parts of the system to understand what is needed to support reimagining education over the long-term

2. We target our support

to the most critical opportunity areas by finding and backing the leaders and projects with big vision to help them prove that a new way is both possible and powerful

3. We activate a network

of people and organisations who power this change through individual effort and collective action

£1.46M was raised by
Virgin Strive Challenge in 2018

to support pioneering projects in exclusions, early years and teacher wellbeing.