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Why now

We live in a world of continuous change. We need to prepare our young people for a future we can’t yet imagine.

When it comes to educating young people, it’s not just a numbers game. Not everything that counts can be counted. We believe young people need support that’s smarter, fairer and fit for the future.

We believe education is everyone’s business, so our mission is to pioneer change together. This means gathering insights from across sectors, target action where it’s most valuable, and activate support within a diverse community so that all young people thrive.

What we do

The world is changing fast, we need to rethink what we do today to help young people realise their potential, whatever the future may bring.

approach wheel

1. We listen and learn

with and from all parts of the system to understand what is needed to support reimagining education over the long-term

2. We target our support

to the most critical opportunity areas by finding and backing the leaders and projects with big vision to help them prove that a new way is both possible and powerful

3. We activate a network

of people and organisations who power this change through individual effort and collective action

£1.46M was raised by
Virgin Strive Challenge in 2018

to support pioneering projects in exclusions, early years and teacher wellbeing.

Our story

In 2010 a convoy of 34 friends bound themselves together to run the London Marathon, setting a new World Record and raising over £250,000 for 12 young people’s charities. 

For six of them, this was just the beginning of their journey and so the Big Change was founded on the question: how can we be the most effective catalyst for positive change for young people in the UK?

To answer this, we began to build a diverse global network of thinkers and doers to understand the problem, seek out solutions and target our resources where we can make the most impact. In 2012, a team of Big Changers took on the Big Climb to the summit of Mt Blanc to raise £250,000 to support our first project partners: Place2be, Only Connect and The Key.

Two years later the STRIVE Challenge was born, attracting nearly 1,000 Strivers over the last five years to fundraise for Big Change project partners.

Today, Big Change has supported 18 project partners, further developed our STRIVE Challenge fundraisers, and grown our team and network.