The big change we want to see

That every young person is set up to thrive…

     in times of constant change,

     in life not just exams,

     and to contribute to the world around them.

We have three long-term goals. By 2030 we want to:

1. Show a new way is possible

Pioneering approaches to supporting young people have become the new normal and the learning experience of every child, no matter what their background or circumstance, sets them up with the agency and opportunity to thrive.

2. Make education everyone’s business

All parts of society, including parents and employers, are actively involved in supporting young people and schools to thrive as part of local learning ecosystems.




3. Create a new common sense

Wider society has accepted a new and expanded purpose for education (to set up every young person to thrive) and key parts of the system have changed to support it (e.g. policy, funding, accountability).

What we do

We are a catalyst for change

We have been rethinking the role of charity as a catalyst for positive change since 2012.

We back pioneers

who are leading bold approaches at the frontline of change

We unite a community of supporters

to direct funds and energy to the areas of greatest impact, and

We activate diverse allies

as a force for long term system change.


The courage to lead is to say that just because the model is normal, just because it is embraced and operated by the vast majority, doesn’t mean it is the right model for the times we are in.

It’s having the courage to stand up and say, “I think we have to do things differently.

Simon Sinek, Big Change Advisor

Our strategic priorities for 2020-22

We now have a tried and tested model for our role as a catalyst. The next phase is to unlock greater impact through partnerships.

We will actively work with other funders and supporters, peers in the sector and cross sector leaders to accelerate change beyond our direct reach.

Priority 1: Change the conversation

  • Partner to launch a series of local Big Education Conversations
  • Build support for a national Commission on the Future of Education and Learning
  • Develop new insights and ideas for change that can activate influential groups (e.g. employers, parents)
  • Target key partnerships and shared action on key opportunities for change

Priority 2: Back the pioneers taking action

  • Find and back a cohort of diverse and high potential Big Change leaders
  • Partner with 30+ high potential projects focused on big change
  • Work with our network of big changers to improve funding and support opportunities for pioneers

Priority 3: Unlock support for change

  • Expand our community of values-aligned donors, partners and fundraisers working together to support big change
  • Showcase the ways that individuals, businesses and communities can help support change
  • Codify our way of finding and funding pioneering projects

£3M > £45m

Big Change funding of £3 million has unlocked £45 million in follow on funding from governments and other foundations showing a 15x return.