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Strive your way

“My mountain is not your mountain” – Beatrice York, Big Change Co-Founder

Striving is not confined by just one person’s version comfort zone. Striving is a way of life; a mindset shared by everyone who supports Big Change. Many strivers set their own challenges – be that running a marathon, rowing the Atlantic, or cycling from London to Morocco!

We can support you through every step of your strive journey – from recommending or brainstorming challenges, offering guidance on event formats, providing fundraising support and helping spread the word of your challenge.

So, if you’re ready to push yourself outside your comfort zone while raising money for Big change, get in touch with Noah or Freddie from our Community Team.

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Recommended events:

  • Dulux London Revolution
  • Any one of the IGO Adventures
  • Deloitte Ride Across Britain
  • Tough Mudder
  • A Marathon (London, Paris, Amsterdam, Lisbon)
  • Marathon Des Sables (if you’re feeling really strivey!)


Head to letsdothis.com for hundreds of event ideas