Change is Happening


“I couldn’t be more proud to welcome you to our impact and learning review, Change is Happening. In it you will find stories from our project partners changing the lives of young people and the adults who support them.

Big Change takes a long term view when backing people and ideas – we know that true transformation takes time and there is still much work that needs to be done. In the meantime, it is exciting to be able to celebrate the impact that project partners are having right now”



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Big Change in Numbers

Individually, project partners have achieved impressive reach and scale. While we know that the difference made to the lives of young people can not be summed up by numbers alone, we can get a sense of the collective impact and potential of projects by looking at their increasing scale and engagement.

Big Change projects are working at the grassroots in local communities and also influencing the national agenda and narratives around what young people need to thrive

Areas of Impact

We are seeing real progress across our three important impact areas: Increasing Agency; Expanding Opportunity; and A Growing Ecosystem.

Throughout Change is Happening, impact stories bring the three impact areas to life, illustrating and evidencing the ways in which project partners are changing young people’s lives. In many cases, project partners are working across more than one impact area.

Individually, these impact areas have intrinsic and immediate value for the young people and adults taking part in projects now. Together and over time, they show that a new way is possible; reimagining education so that all young people can thrive in life, not just exams.


From Big Change and Our Partners

How fortunate it is for Big Change that we are able to share this journey with our partners; people who, instead of investing in a single solution, fall in love with the problems impacting young people’s lives and set out to solve them, whatever it takes.

We give partners the space and the backing to learn by doing, evolving their solutions as they go. When, inevitably, they encounter roadblocks and take wrong turns that require them to pivot, we stick with them. It is an approach that pays dividends. As a result, we are seeing outcomes that are so much better than if partners had stuck to their original plans. And we continuously learn from the changes that partners make, refining our support in real time to reflect what they really need to succeed.

In Change is Happening we share some of the insights we have had the privilege to develop with our partners, in the hope and expectation that they might inspire and support you to make Big Change happen where you live and learn.

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“Sometimes you don’t have all the answers. Great leadership does not always come from the top. Servant leadership is a really helpful concept. You need leaders with a sense of humility; leaders who are open to leadership coming from a wide range of people and places.”

-Carol Payne, The Communication Trust