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Clover Hogan, aged 23, from London, struggled to have her concerns for the environment listened to at school. Force of Nature will address students’ climate anxiety by creating new training pathways to help young people prepare for their roles in a green economy, building their confidence, developing their skills, and helping them find the climate solutions they wish to lead.

“Young people have inherited the climate crisis. With support from the Big Education Challenge, Force of Nature are piloting training pathways to help young people upskill in public speaking, advising decision-makers, and supporting peers and teachers within schools.”

About Clover

Clover is a climate activist and the founder and executive director of Force of Nature, a non-profit organisation focused on inspiring young people to take action on climate change by mobilising their mindsets.

Clover has always dreamed of being an environmentalist and credits her experience at the Green School in Indonesia for empowering her to become the change she wanted to see in the world. Through Force of Nature, Clover hopes to give other young people the knowledge, tools, and support they need to turn their eco-anxiety into action.

The problem

“Only when schools begin to reflect the bright curious minds within them, will they prepare young people for the future.”

The UK education system is currently failing to teach young people about the climate crisis, and unable to equip them to take sustained action. Eco-anxiety is rising amongst young people, with 45% saying climate-related anxiety and distress is affecting their daily lives and ability to function normally.

The research is clear: young people care deeply, yet these feelings can be paralysing when not met with clear ways to take action. And one of the biggest barriers to action is lacking the necessary skills and knowledge.

The bold idea

Force of Nature is looking to develop three new training pathways to help young people not only feel empowered but also develop the knowledge and skills to take action and influence change, including gaining access to the fast-growing green economy.

The training will initially focus on public speaking, advising decision-makers, and facilitating programmes with peers and educators.

Following the prototyping of the training, the intention is to translate the curriculum into a digital learning journey.

Clover’s ambition is to fast track young people to build their confidence, develop new skills,and get clear on the climate solutions they wish to lead. Measurable mindset shifts will take place across key focus areas, including agency, efficacy and confidence.

“Our vision is of a generation who are not paralysed by climate despair, but motivated and equipped with the skills to create change. Our mission is to help young people become custodians of a future by their own design.”

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