By finding and backing pioneering leaders and early-stage projects, we’re working to show that a new way is possible. This means understanding the most pressing needs and opportunities that link to our 10 big hopes for change. It is not just about supporting what is easy to fund. We want to back a truly diverse set of pioneers to deliver impact, while creating the conditions in which wider system change can take place.

We’re currently focusing on making the following of our hopes a reality:

  • Trusted relationships give every child support to learn and thrive (hope #5)
  • Multiple pathways through learning and into work are valued and supported (hope #6)
  • Professional learning is as important as student learning (hope #7)
  • All schools are actively supported to improve and learn together (hope #8)
  • Schools and communities thrive as part of local learning ecosystems (hope #9)

“Big Change understand that we have to constantly reassess the landscape as we’re trying to innovate and make an impact on a system. Not all funders appreciate that. As well as funding, Big Change has supported us with profile raising, introductions, networks and connections. They were an early funder of The Difference which gave Credit Suisse and others the confidence to back us.”

Kiran Gill
CEO, The Difference

Our pioneers & projects

The people who lead our projects think big, take risks and make things happen because they understand there’s no time to waste. We often support projects that are pre-start up or at small scale. But we make sure they have the potential to grow in size and make a difference nationally, or across their system or sector.

To find, select, manage and monitor projects with the biggest potential for impact, we draw on a variety of sources. As well as our in-house expertise, we use established processes plus our network of external experts that includes frontline workers and young people with lived experience.

Our support

We help our project partners develop in the key early stages of their growth, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their idea and to scale up their impact. But this is just the beginning. To leverage our initial investment and extend their reach, we also offer non-financial support. This can include in-kind and pro-bono help, mentoring via our community, access to follow-on funding and support to amplify messages.

Every project we support becomes part of our alumni community, through which we share connections and learning.

Together we can make big change

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