The problem

The short term nature of education policy means there is little progress on long term, deep-rooted issues.

Without a long-term plan, our education system is prevented from addressing its big issues and from being ready for the big challenges of the future in a post-Covid world whether the future world of work, economic productivity, or climate change.

Education policy churn has wasted significant resources over the past 20 years and this trend cannot continue, especially in a world where COVID-19 has made the purse strings much tighter. 

Education should be more than just knowledge and skills.

It has a huge role in ensuring we are a country where the rights of every person are respected; where society values every person and where every person develops the technical and soft skills to make the most of the opportunities available in a global economy.

“We need our education system to be ready for the big challenges of the future and all too often short-termism prevents it from addressing big issues. Education should be more than just knowledge and skills. One educational outcome of the past 18 months has undoubtedly been how we view the impact of strategic planning in education. A long-term vision and plan for the English education system is now seen as a priority.”

Carl Ward, Chair, Foundation for Education Development

Education should be more than just knowledge and skills.

The solution

The Foundation for Education Development (FED) has been set up as an independent, neutral organisation to bring together stakeholders across private, public and voluntary sectors that want to address the existing fragmented system.

FED provides an independent and neutral space for policy influencers from education, business, politics and beyond to shape the future. They engage all sectors and all interested parties to build on the wisdom and experience of policy makers, practitioners and young people themselves.

Working collaboratively, they will design and build the foundations for a long-term plan for education in this country.

By assessing the evidence and learning from the best practices in our current system, they want to create a society where every person is valued and every young person develops the required skills to make the most of the opportunities available in a global economy. 

Work in action

There is already great demand in this approach, with big names like FEA, Big Education, Centre for Education and Youth and City of Guilds becoming participants so far.

Gathering evidence from the widest range of opinion and best practice, FED are continuing their National Consultation via four workstreams populated and supported by leading influencers in their field.

The FED are working to ensure that the foundations of our education system will allow all children, young people and lifelong learners of the next decade to flourish.

The Big Changer

Carl Ward, Chief Executive of the City Learning Trust

Carl Ward is Chief Executive of the City Learning Trust; a Multi Academy Trust in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, for children aged 3-19 years old.

He was Association of School and College Leaders President in 2017-2018 and between 2009 and 2011, formed part of the Prime Minister’s Talent & Enterprise Taskforce and has advised the Number 10 policy unit on several aspects of education. 

As well as the Chair of FED, he is also Chair of the Careers and Enterprise Company’s Education Advisory Board.