Our approach


The big change we want to see is that every young person is set up to thrive. So, we find and support ambitious leaders to do what is needed, not what is easy to fund, in order to create big changes for and with young people. 

Our project partners think big, take leaps and make things happen because they understand there’s no time to waste. We support project partners that are pre-start up or at small scale, but have the potential to grow in size and impact, and who can achieve system change.

As well as granting money, we work alongside our project partners, to understand their needs and work collaboratively to help achieve them. Together, we can accelerate the change we all want to see to deliver a future in which all young people thrive.

We want the learning experience of every child, no matter what their background or circumstance, to set them up with the agency and opportunity to thrive, and we believe that all parts of society have a role to play.

We focus on three important areas of impact:

1. Increasing Agency

Young people are growing in confidence and self belief, determined and able to take control of their lives and shape their futures

2. Expanding Opportunity

Project partners are increasing the range and diversity of how, when and where young people develop valuable new knowledge and skills

3. Building a wider network of support

A broader range of inspiring and ambitious adults and organisations are working in new ways to improve young people’s learning and wellbeing


Focus area: