Consultant and facilitator, social innovation and change

Vicki has worked in social innovation and change for 20 years. She spent 10 years designing and delivering programmes at Nesta, including leading the UKs first social challenge prize and establishing the Centre for Challenge Prizes. For the past 10 years Vicki has supported people with bold ideas to create positive change; work across system and sector boundaries; design more effective, fair and sustainable ways to use resources; and learn and work together differently. She works with charitable trusts; teams from local, regional and national statutory systems; change makers outside of formal structures; and with charities and social enterprises. Vicki is an Associate with the Innovation Unit, ThePublicOffice and Do it Now Now. She has also been a Design Club mentor and run workshops for teachers on design thinking at Camelsdale primary school.

I’m proud to be a Big Education Challenge Judge because…
“…I believe there’s no shortage of bold ideas with the potential to achieve much needed transformation in education. Through amplifying and supporting some of these ideas, the Challenge is a chance to contribute to a re-imagining of education and learning for young people.”