Social designer and Senior Manager, Centre for Public Impact

Keisha is a multidisciplinary Social Designer who brings a unique combination of lived experience and learned expertise to her practice. She is also a Senior Manager at Centre for Public Impact where she focuses on their work to support and strengthen relationships between government and communities. 

Keisha has previously worked in the transforming education space, where she led a national project to empower young people and the public to set a new direction for education and learning in England. She has also led a pioneering programme of work co-designing mental health services with and for Black communities. 

Keisha is deeply passionate about harnessing the power of research, design and innovation to co-create equitable, liberatory and abundant alternative futures. She holds Masters of Design in Social Innovation, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a member of the Design Research Society and the Systemic Design Association. Keisha is also Trustee of youth charity MAC-UK.

Why are you excited about the Big Education Challenge?

I have a long-held passion for supporting young people and strongly believe that we need to think innovatively about a different kind of education and learning offer that enables all young people to thrive. As someone who has had a non-linear journey through education, I’m really excited to have the privilege to support bold ideas that could inspire new possibilities at the forefront of education and learning in England.