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Visit to ARK Schools

24 July 2014: posted by BigChange

Last week, Big Change Founder Sam Branson, and the Virgin STRIVE Challenge core team were welcomed into three ARK Schools to talk about the importance of Life Skills and goal setting. We were hoping to inspire these young students, but we were blown away by the effort they are putting into developing their own goals. These students truly exemplify the Big Change spirit!

ARK School students from Ark Academy hearing about STRIVE

At our visit to the ARK Academy, Sam, Karl and Noah met with the Year 9 Prefects who are true leaders in the school and community. One student, dubbed the “Recycling King”, has a highly developed consciousness towards the environment. He ensures staff and students are recycling properly. Students have also worked on the City Safe campaign to make the streets safer, and for North London Citizens to improve the flow of public transportation. Big Changers like these pupils are truly making a difference in the community.

ARK School Year 9 Prefects

At Burlington Danes Academy, STRIVE has been completely integrated into the curriculum. We were impressed to learn that the school is collectively rowing, running and cycling to hit a 1300 km target. This matches the distance that the Core Team will be travelling in August.

ARK Schools Students and the STRIVE Challenge

We took some key messages from this school: failure is not a bad thing if you learn from your mistakes, and it is important to think big when setting goals.

ARK Schools values
After a long sports day in the sunshine at the ARK Globe Academy, the core team met up with the Sixth Formers who presented their own STRIVE goals in a “Dragon’s Den” forum. We were impressed with the caliber and variety of goals they set – ranging from creating an online school forum to share job-hunting tips, to making a Youtube comedy channel to overcome shyness. We were also very impressed with their clear communication and presentation skills. Some insights gleaned from our “Dragons” were to follow your instinct, find out what motivates you, and to experiment with different career ideas.

ARK Schools Students Presentation
The Core Team members had a great time and were truly impressed with the goals these students are striving towards. We would like to thank the students of ARK Schools for welcoming us into their schools and we are keen to catch up in September to hear about the challenges they have completed.