Virgin STRIVE Challenge 2016

The Virgin Strive Challenge is back! This year we’re travelling over twice the distance of the 2014 challenge, and were hoping to raise £1.5 million for Big Change.

It's Who You STRIVE With
Photo taken by Jack Brockway

STRIVE is a philosophy: that growth happens when you step out of your comfort zone to achieve bold ambitions; magic happens when you do it with others.

STRIVE is about more than a physical challenge. It is the coming together of people bound by a common set of values and a belief in the power of a growth mindset to help young people thrive in life.

That is why we create challenges that are seriously tough to undertake but also accessible to anyone. We want people to have to strive, to feel the elation of struggling side by side with fellow strivers to get through the day, we want people to experience first hand what it takes to overcome serious obstacles. And all the time raising money for Big Change and learning how we can all come together to drive positive change for young people.

Etna Image for Web

The first Virgin STRIVE Challenge took place in August 2014 and saw STRIVERS travel from London to the Summit of the Matterhorn, entirely under human power. This year we are continuing that journey on as a Core Team of 25 attempts to travel from the base of the Matterhorn to the summit of Mt Etna, in Sicily, under human power. Over a month and 2000km, the Core Team will be joined by up to 350 fellow Strivers, as they hike, cycle, swim and run their way through Italy.

To find out more about the challenge, head to the website, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.