The Elevation Challenge 2015

Big Change is incredibly proud to be supporting two amazing young people this summer, Ben Treasure and Erin Duffy. Together, Ben and Erin have imagined, developed and are taking on a serious feat of endurance.

Inspired by the STRIVE Challenge – which Ben worked on for a few days – The Elevation Challenge will see Ben and Erin travel from the lowest point in Europe (in Holland), to the highest point, Mount Elbrus in Russia, entirely under human power. They will cycle for 5 weeks across Europe, through countries like Germany, Austria, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia and then finally up through Russia, where they will finish with a week long climb of Mt Elbrus.

EC Map

Travelling in the heat of the summer, the two are doing it on a small budget and will be unsupported throughout. This means camping, carrying all their own equipment and dealing with any issues they encounter alone. Mt Elbrus, although not a tricky mountain to climb in terms of technicality, is a serious slog. Throw in the 5 weeks of cycling beforehand and we imagine the summit might be quite a welcome sight!

Ben & Erin

Students at LSE, both Ben and Erin wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of setting goals and getting out and striving as hard as you can to achieve them. They have seen the benefits it has had on their lives and hope to inspire and encourage young people to follow their lead and really challenge themselves, in any arena. They will be raising money for Big Change.

You can follow Ben and Erin throughout their challenge here:

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