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The coolest school on earth

16 March 2015: posted by BigChange

We Day is how every school lesson should be. It’s a platform of amazing people talking about the world in such an inspiring and passionate way. And the best thing about it all. The audience is full of young people soaking up the advice and life lessons from both the current and future world leaders.

Musicians, actors and people from all walks of life are on stage, not as celebrities but as social activists and global citizens. 

I had the absolute pleasure of being on the WeDay stage last year, and I was delighted to be asked again. Seeing so many young people actively seeking to bring positive change to the world is so exciting. Having just become a father, I can’t tell you how excited I am about the prospect of all the audience members growing up to do amazing things in the world… and how necessary events like we day are. 

This year I wasn’t making a speech, instead I was thrilled to be introducing someone who is a constant inspiration to me and will be to so many people in the future. He was a London gang leader and is now a fearless poet, social activist and I’m very proud to say… A Big Change Ambassador.  He is testament to the belief that everyone has the potential to do great things and if you put your mind to it, you can change even the most difficult situations in life! 

Karl’s inspiring poem about a Caterpillars transformation to a butterfly was a highlight in a day full of them. From my sister, Holly, and Princess Beatrice’s speech to the always brilliant ‘Mr President’ Martin Sheen, We Day is just a brilliant stage to engage, inspire and change young people’s minds.


Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help and brave enough to ask for it

Young people are naturally filled with wonder and passionate energy, and it’s important we harness that energy and give them the belief and tools to help them shape the world into a better place. 

We are all global citizens, and We Day is a great example on how to educate young minds and give them a chance to empower themselves and each other, for the benefit of us all sharing this beautiful planet. 

Can’t wait for next year already!