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Teacher WellBeing: Request for Proposal

23 February 2017: posted by BigChange

Big Change was founded to catalyse positive change for young people in the UK. From the start we have been supporting projects that positively engage and unlock the potential of young people – equipping them with the tools to thrive in life, not just in exams.

A central theme of our work has been about helping young people be agents of their own change (and then go on to drive positive change in the world around them) by creating the opportunities and environment for that to happen.

In the last two years, we have received a number of proposals that look to address the question of teacher wellbeing. At the time, we didn’t feel that we understood the dynamics of teacher wellbeing well enough to commit meaningfully to it so last year we spent 6 months speaking with a wide range of people and organisations to help us develop a clearer picture of what is happening, what needs to change and how we as an organisation can help effect that change.

We are now looking for ideas and projects that address some of the key issues that we have uncovered. Over the course of the next two months we are looking to identify and support projects or ideas that are currently pre-start up or at small scale but have the potential to scale nationally. As well as granting money, we are also committed to working alongside our project partners, to understanding their needs and working collaboratively to help achieve them.

Have a read of our Request for Proposal Teacher Wellbeing 2017 here Teacher Wellbeing RFP Big Change and get in touch if you have any questions!