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Striving to Thrive

4 September 2016: posted by BigChange

Whilst our STRIVERs are hiking across the mountains of Italy, it is important to remember the purpose of STRIVE – to raise money for Big Change.

At Big Change, we invest in big ideas that help young people THRIVE in life, not just exams.

One of the projects that we’re backing this year is How to Thrive, an initiative that helps schools, teachers and students to build their emotional resilience and grow from setbacks.


We all want children and young people to feel good and function well. However, there are increasing concerns about children’s wellbeing in the UK: 75% of mental health problems in adult life (excluding dementia) start before age 18, over half before age 14 and the latest data suggest the age of 11 (Millennium Cohort Study, 2015). The real world can be a confusing place and many young people are struggling to cope.

Currently, there is also no system wide solution to help tackle the root cause of these problems and that is why we have decided to back How to Thrive. Their resilience programmes teach practical skills so young people learn early that they can overcome difficulties and make the most of opportunities rather than shrink from them.

‘’In our daily lives we all face set-backs: our resilience is what allows us to learn from them, bounce forward and thrive.’’


Since their founding in 2009, How to Thrive’s work has reached over 100,000 young people in secondary schools over the UK, and according to them, it’s working!

‘These classes have helped me stop having arguments and friendship problems with my friends, because we deal with them by ourselves’

‘Resilience definitely makes you feel much happier, it gives you the feeling that you could ignore anything mean that anyone says – and make yourself really happy!’ 

Most of our STRIVERs and Big Change Community have had to deal with set-backs whilst STRIVING, be it injuries, training, or a lack of belief. As a community they know the power of having a resilient mind-set in tackling their own challenges. That’s why our goal is for every child to learn the skills of resilience so they can thrive in life, not just exams.


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