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What We Strive For – By Sam Branson

29 October 2014: posted by BigChange

While the very essence of striving is to look forward, to push yourself by setting goals and to keep momentum, I also know that stopping and reflecting is hugely important. It’s then that you can gauge how far you have come and appreciate the things you’ve learnt. Seeing how far you have come as a person and how much closer you are to your goal can be hugely motivating. Your goal may be a large one that can take years before it becomes real, so reflecting and looking back at the obstacles you have overcome can give you that extra boost.

That’s why some of the Big Change team revisited Globe Academy last week.


We originally came to the London school in July to talk about how goal setting can make such a big difference. One of the purposes of the Virgin Strive Challenge was to raise money for brilliant projects that teach life skills to young people, but it was also a vehicle that showed how important those skills are.

Skills like emotional resilience, teamwork and communication are so important when you are trying overcome obstacles and navigate the complexity of life.

I had an amazing time when I was last there, and it was brilliant seeing some familiar faces as we talked about the successes of the challenge.

But that wasn’t the real reason why we were there. We were there to see how far they have come in their goals that they set last time around. Understandably, some were further than others, but we worked as teams to get to know why some were struggling more than others.

By setting manageable goals and tackling the hurdles that they faced head on, it seemed we were making ground. What was so inspiring was see how the pupils rallied around their classmates to give advice and support. They all wanted to pitch in and help others that needed it. They were also very passionate about thriving in life, and it was incredibly humbling to witness.


Undertaking a challenge, be it big or small, is all about understanding yourself. Pushing yourself physically and mentally and then getting yourself in a positive perspective through it all. Then you really get a feeling of how you tick.

The better you understand yourself, the more informed decisions you make. Each experience informs the rest.