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The STRIVE Poem by Lucillo Burrell

21 September 2014: posted by BigChange

We visited the Burlington Danes Academy, one of the ARK Schools, back in July with Karl, Sam and Noah to talk about the Virgin STRIVE Challenge.  One pupil, Lucillo Burrell, was so inspired by Karl’s poetry that he decided to write a STRIVE Poem of his own, encouraging us to strive towards our dreams in life. Here it is…

I used to be a young child, always filled with anger,

I tossed and turned in my sleep when I didn’t get my way,

I didn’t care how big you were, I’d fight you anyway.

I always got annoyed with the lies I was fed,

First the worst, second the best or broccoli puts hairs on your chest.

However all these were contained inside me,

I never had the courage for the feelings to escape my mind or memories.

The thing is, I never understood,

On cold days I stayed inside and read my books,

It was to escape people telling me what I could be,

To find out what will, what I want and what I may be.

When writing the story of your life, don’t let someone else hold the pen,
Or you’ll end up telling your kids you wish that you could start again.

A new car, a new job and new friends, or worse still outside Ladbrokes asking for a ten.

Your ambitions are more powerful than you think,

But it only works if you dream of something.

Don’t find yourself sadly looking back on the past,

Think to yourself “what more of myself could I ask?”