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STRIVE: Justin Packshaw on human excellence

15 June 2015: posted by BigChange

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Strive. What a wonderfully powerful and evocative word that is! What does it really mean though? My read on it is it is all about being your best, wanting to learn, to improve, to feel good, to walk tall.

At a recent TEDx Event at the London Business School, Justin Packshaw discusses what it means to strive, and takes a deeper look into the science of achievement.

Justin is a former army officer, entrepreneur, and modern day adventurer. He has been to the Geographic North and South Pole,  summited Mount Everest, sailed around the world – and that’s not even the half of it.  He’s also an ambassador for the British Governments GREAT campaign and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. It’s no wonder that he has some brilliant insights on what it means to challenge yourself and overcome obstacles.

“Never forget that humans are meant to excel and when one starts realising how capable one is and how adaptive the human spirit is, you will realise that anything is achievable.”

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In 2014, Just took part in the Strive challenge, in which he ran, rowed, cycled and hiked from London to the Matterhorn alongside the rest of the Strive team.

Read the rest of Justin Packshaw’s post and watch his TedxLondonBusinessSchool Talk here:

The Strive Challenge is our biggest fundraising event, and it encapsulates an important element of what we stand for at Big Change: the belief that the journey is as important as the destination, and that by setting yourself goals and striving to achieve them, you learn vital skills along the way.

This year 60 Big Changers, including Justin, will hike the West Highland Way and Ben Nevis – the highest peak in Scotland. Stay tuned for more on the Strive Challenge!