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Virtual STRIVE Weekender


Want to join the Strive Weekender team in the UK this summer but can’t because you live in Australia or Antarctica, or (more likely) because COVID restrictions are preventing you from travelling at all? Well don’t worry! We are launching the Virtual Strive Weekender, so you can join the team, and together we can strive from every corner of the world

Our virtual challenge will take place over the first three weekends of July (3rd -18th), with each striver journeying 100km by any human-powered means, in as many sections as you choose.

You could cycle 100km in one go, run it over a weekend, or do 10 x 10km with 10 different disciplines. You get the idea!

To make sure you’re connected to our Team Strive Race to the Stones event, we will be streaming our group ‘campfire’ discussion on the evening of Saturday July 10th, live from the campsite, led by Big Change project partners, bringing in voices of strivers from around the world.

Every pound raised will go directly towards supporting our new cohort of up to five pioneering Big Change project partners.



Suggested minimum fundraising target or donation



Date & Time
Between 3rd – 18th July 2021

What else?
All strivers who complete the 100km and hit their £500 fundraising target will receive a Virtual STRIVE Weekender medal and will enter the draw for free entry into next year’s Weekender event.