STRIVE Challenge 2015


It’s that time of year again! STRIVE 2015 is just around the corner – and we can almost smell the Scottish heather… 

Here at Big Change, we believe that growth happens when you step out of your comfort zone and strive to achieve bold ambitions but the magic happens when you do it with others.

Big Change passionately believes in bringing together remarkable groups of people who share a common purpose and belief: that together we can achieve something extraordinary and make a big change for young people in the UK.

And there is no better way to do this than on our STRIVE Challenges where, striving side-by-side, our participants learn so much about each other, the big change we want to see and importantly how they can become part of, and help drive forward, that big change.

This year’s STRIVE Challenge 

On the 8th July, 60 Big Changer’s will congregate in the Highlands of Scotland to hike 44 miles of the West Highland Way, and then if aching bodies allow, attempt to climb the highest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis (1,344 metres).

We feel incredibly fortunate to be hosting a very diverse group of people on this years STRIVE Challenge, from entrepreneurs, to future astronauts, to youth ambassadors to some of the amazing people who run the organisations we support – it should make for an exciting few days!

Together we will strive to achieve our goal of summiting Ben Nevis, likely through laughter, tears, and maybe even a bit of altitude sickness if Sam is around and we’re keeping with tradition.

Ben Nevis

Fundraising for Big Change

Funds raised through the STRIVE Challenge 2015 will be used to support amazing organisations that have the potential to shape the future of every young person around the country.

We are a charity focused on giving young people in the UK an opportunity to learn and develop the skills they need to become healthy, happy and productive adults.

Whether it be helping young people learn about teamwork, communication, relationships, or giving them an opportunity to improve their emotional wellbeing and physical health, the money raised will support projects that focus on helping young people develop a growth mindset and strive in their own lives.


Follow us! 

Spots are full on this years STRIVE Challenge, but keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook for live updates through out the challenge. If you’re feeling generous and want to support our cause, please donate!