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The State of Speaking in our Schools

30 August 2017: posted by BigChange

The things we say and how we say them can inform, influence, inspire and motivate others and express our empathy, understanding and creativity. It is our ability to communicate that enables us to build positive relationships, collaborate for common purpose, deliberate and share our ideas as citizens. It is through speaking and listening that we develop our views, apply knowledge and extend our capacity to think critically. These skills are needed today more than ever before.

Yet, while schools devote hundreds of hours of teaching time and teacher expertise to the development of pupils’ writing and reading skills, barely any time is spent developing the vital verbal communication skills we all need to succeed in work and life.

Read the State of Speaking in our Schools Report written by LKMco, Voice 21 and supported by Big Change to find out more about why we are backing big ideas around the Oracy space in the UK.