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Set the Bar High and Meet Your Goals

13 October 2014: posted by BigChange

Lopo Champalimaud joined us on the second Cycle Leg of the Virgin STRIVE Challenge. He shared what he learned on the Challenge, what life skills he had to draw upon, and how those Life Skills have helped him build his company…

Like any great challenge, having a team around you working together, communicating and supporting each other makes meeting a goal much easier, so being a team player was hugely important.

I’ve never done a multi-day trip like this before and I had no idea how I would react to it. Getting up each morning after a day of cycling, being in pain and knowing I had to do it all over again was tough. That’s when the importance of the team really kicked in, because – if you forget about the pain – an experience like this is also about having fun along the way. We shared a lot of laughter.

I used these same life skills to build my company. I couldn’t have got Wahanda to where it is today by myself. That’s not how you build a company. It’s about having great people and working together. Start-ups always mean solving problems that haven’t been encountered before and that takes effort from every member of the team.

I took away from Strive, not just an incredibly sore bottom, but a huge sense of achievement for all of my fellow riders. There were a bunch of people at the start of the trip that I wasn’t sure would be able to finish (myself included), but we all got stronger as we went along and every single person did it.

My advice to young people in the UK is to always set the bar high. That spirit that keeps you fighting, that keeps you spinning the wheels and your legs moving, will get you up the mountain. No matter what you’re doing, set the bar at a really high level and don’t give into thoughts that you won’t meet it.

Nothing comes easily and you have to keep on fighting, but if you do, you will make it to the finish line.