Row 4 GB

Grit, determination and perseverance. Three commonly used words, but none are better than these to describe Charlie Pitcher.


Already holding the fastest solo row crossing of the Atlantic, having run the Marathon des Sables, run the length of Scotland and raced ocean going yachts professionally for 15 years, Charlie has decided to set himself one of the last great remaining British challenges: to row around UK, unsupported and solo.

Never having been attempted before, Charlie thinks that that his solo row of GB will be tougher and more enduring than the Atlantic. As Sir Robin Knox Johnston points out when writing about Charlie’s challenge “The North Sea poses some of the harshest waters and biggest waves known”.


Row 4 Great Britain starts on the 1st of June which will see Charlie leave from Tower Bridge, the gateway to London, and head out into the unknown. If all goes to plan the challenge could take up to six weeks. Six weeks of hunger, thirst, sleep deprivation, freezing temperatures, crashing waves and a very sore bum!

We could not be more pleased that Charlie is rowing on behalf of Big Change and raising money for our life skills fund. You can support Charlie’s challenge here.

(Funds will be shared between Big Change and the C Group, a charity Charlie has always supported, which supports the Royal Marines).