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Resilience Training with How to Thrive

23 June 2017: posted by BigChange

This week we spent a great day with one of our Big Change projects How To Thrive, participating in their Penn Resilience Program. How to Thrive trains teachers in the science and practice of resilience, so that they can apply the core concepts and skills in their own life, and eventually deliver the resilience programme to young people in their own classroom.











Resilience training consist of learning core abilities that compromise resilience such as emotional awareness, impulse control, optimism, empathy and reaching out- skills that help us all meet challenge, bounce back from failure and achieve one’s goals. 

It was great to see some of the amazing work How to Thrive have been doing this year, and we can’t wait to be working more with them in the future, to help them grow and accelerate their impact.

To find out more check out the How to Thrive video here..