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Who We Are

Big Change was founded to catalyse positive change for young people in the UK. From the start, we have been supporting projects that positively engage and unlock the potential of young people – ensuring that every young person is set up to thrive…

  • in times of constant change,
  • in life, not just exams,
  • and to contribute to the world around them


We have been rethinking the role of charity as a catalyst for positive change since 2012. We’re open and humble enough to know that we don’t have all the answers, so we keep on learning…

  • By doing – we have backed over 35 projects that address critical needs and opportunities for big change in the UK, reaching over 700,000 young people in the UK to date.. Our support helps pioneering leaders establish new approaches to intractable problems in the education space. We support and enable these leaders to take risks and learn while preparing to scale their impact.
  • By connecting – with our 1,000- strong community who have fundraised and donated £7+ million and provided non-financial support to the pioneers. Initial Big Change project funding of £3 million unlocked £45 million in follow-on funding from governments and foundations, showing a 15x return.
  • By listening – to our global network of 200 pioneers reimagining education across geographies and contexts, to understand where and how change is happening, and why sometimes it is not. We are developing collective insight through events and convenings, research and publications.