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Project Induction Day

18 July 2017: posted by BigChange

Last month, we held our first ever Project Induction Day to welcome the 2017 project cohort into the Big Change family and to give them a chance to meet the Big Change community.

It was a fantastic opportunity to have all our new project partners join us at Big Change HQ. They had an amazing energy as a group of engaged, wise and passionate social entrepreneurs, with the ambition to change the education system for the better. We were delighted to give them the chance to come together to share their ideas, their experience and key learnings to date – and of course to meet the Big Change team. 

We ended the day with a Q&A with Big Change Founder Princess Beatrice and former Big Change project partner Chief Executive of Frontline, Josh Mcallister. The both really inspired  the group with the sheer scale and ambition of the Big Change mission – to transform the way we support the next generation to help set young people up to thrive in life, not just exams.  

We can’t wait to tell you more about our new project portfolio in the next few months – we are so excited to be supporting some amazing organisations like Voice 21, The Difference, How to Thrive and HeadStart. Stay tuned to find out more!