CABNAB – 2012

Carry A Basketball Not A Blade was set up by Anthony Okereafor after the death of two friends from knife crime. CABNAB is a project that encourages youngsters from 8 upwards to play competitively while learning from the Metropolitan Police about the grim statistics and consequences of knife crime. There is even a chance to play against the Met. Anthony, the project’s creator:

“It’s all about breaking down divisions between youngsters from different postcodes and between youngsters and the police – too many young people are dying just because they happen to walk into the ‘wrong’ area.”


CABNAB is making a real difference to young people

The players involved in the project attend workshops that look at various topics, such as the consequences of being involved in knife crime, how to deal with peer pressure and the importance of taking responsibility for their actions.The aim of the project is to raise awareness of knife crime and anti-social behaviour amongst young people and educate those most at risk through interactive workshops and training sessions.