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27 November 2015: posted by BigChange

At the heart of Big Change is a belief in the power of young people coming together to drive positive change.

We act as a catalyst for change – backing the big ideas that can unlock the potential of young people in the UK. We like to call it…

(AD)VENTURE PHILANTHROPY: An adventurous approach to funding solutions to (often hidden) causes of pressing social problems.

We believe that the only way to affect Big Change is to think differently and act boldly together.

We support these ideas at an early stage and provide flexible, tailored partnerships with clear milestones to help them grow, attract further investment and become sustainable. Some are start up organisations, some from more established organisations that have spotted a big gap or opportunity in the way things is done. We feel a shared responsibility for the success of the venture.

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Our partnership with Big Change has already been transformative – they have been incredibly supportive throughout the project – offering insight and expertise throughout, while being flexible in the face of challenges as we progressed. We’re so lucky to be working with them, and we’re excited about how much we can achieve together in the future.

-Emma Kenny,  Head of Strategy, NCS Trust

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