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Oracy: Our Project Finding Process

2 May 2017: posted by BigChange

Our project finding process is mission critical at Big Change HQ – we want to find innovative ideas with the potential to make a system level change, and crucially the right people to lead them. 

This year, we have decided to back Oracy related projects and research to help young people find their voice. Having sent out our Request for Proposals earlier in the year, we received over 20 great Oracy project ideas from individuals, charities and social enterprises. They all outlined their vision for the Big Change they want to see to help young people build the communication skills to help them thrive in life, not just exams.

We are currently in the process of finalising our project selection, but we thought we would update you with you some of the key themes and insights emerging from the proposals we have received -and to share with you our learning along the way:

ONE: Oracy in Schools: We received project proposals with big ambitions to change the education system, to give oracy the same status as reading and writing in the curriculum, as well as projects which focused on using communication skills to address the importance of mental health and wellbeing in the classroom.

TWO:  Finding Your voice  We had projects which sought to improve the public speaking and deliberating skills of young people across the UK. We had programmes which would organise TedX Style events, master the art of story telling and engage in meaningful public deliberation all with the aim to create confident, informed and empowered young communicators.

THREE: Early Years Intervention: We had projects which focused on supporting early language development amongst pre-school children, especially in disadvantage backgrounds, with ideas to train specialised health visitors and support parents, and carers through Oracy workshops. 

FOUR: Building Resources and Networks: Finally, we had proposals to research the area, to share resources across schools, and showcase best practice in the sector, as well as an idea to create a network and community of those involved in a variety of Oracy projects.

Our next step is to work with experts in the sector and the Big Change community through our Impact Council to choose 2-4 projects we will support with funds between £50k-250k.To read more about our project proposal process have a look at our article here, or to find out more about why we are supporting Oracy check out our  emerging narrative.

Keep your eyes peeled in the next few months for more information, when we reveal on our final selection!