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Monday Inspiration – Growth Mindset “a driving philosophy, not just a tool.”

8 February 2016: posted by BigChange


We are beginning to hear the term Growth Mindset more and more these days – in the news,  in research, in online educational communities, and perhaps most excitingly, in our classrooms. We’re absolutely thrilled about the increasing levels of awareness of the importance of mindset, particularly for young people.

While the sharing of this knowledge is absolutely crucial, there is something that we’re even more curious about here at Big Change. We can talk about growth mindsets all we want, but how can we encourage and allow young people to develop them? What is the best way that we can integrate this concept into the classroom in order to yield the most positive results to effectively change lives?

We are at a crucial point for the future of education with the knowledge we have about mindsets, and how we use it going forward will require a great deal of thought and careful planning.

In this article, systems thinker and student advocate David Hochheiser talks about the risk of viewing growth mindset as more of a “pedagogical method” than a philosophical outlook or paradigm. Check out Hochheiser’s piece here!


Find out more about our growth mindset research.

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