London Marathon 2015

Big Change has two runners in this year’s London Marathon. Both are fairly new to marathon running, or any type of endurance exercise for that matter, and both are treating this with a healthy nervous anticipation.

Alex Milward 

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Inspired somewhat by his warrior wife, Lara Milward, a lynchpin in the STRIVE Challenge 2014 Core Team, Alex has decided to hang up the rugby boots and golf clubs (for a while at least) in his first attempt at putting some serious miles into his legs. Here is what he has to say about his efforts:

Some say I am to exercise what Keaton is to Birdman – somewhat washed up.  Hence, my marathon will be measured in £’s contributed rather than minutes taken.  There are so many deserving causes worth fighting for.  I’ve chosen BigChange because it helps provide people with the essential life skills to fight for themselves and then go on to help others too.

Alex is the type of person who if he applies himself to something, he is usually annoyingly good at it. We are fairly confident Alex will far exceed his own expectations!

You can support Alex’s effort here: