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Growth Mindset

27 November 2015: posted by BigChange

Growth Mindset lies at the heart of so much of what we do at Big Change – from the philosophy behind STRIVE to the way we act as an organisation, to the change we want to see in young people.

The stories that we tell ourselves shape our thoughts and actions. Mindset underlies all of our decision-making. The good news is that you can change a mindset, although it is more akin to building a muscle than flicking a switch.

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A growth mindset will not be built with one intervention, but it is a shift in culture and support around young people and we all have a role to play: from schools and teachers, to parents, to media, businesses and role models.

-Sam Branson

We recently partnered with DEMOS on research into the evidence behind growth mindset. The latest research (soon to be published) by the founder of Growth Mindset, Carol Dweck, shows that mindset can be as important a predictor of academic achievement as students’ socioeconomic backgrounds. This is huge when you look into the attainment gap and poor social mobility in the UK! Mindset is also linked to resilience, grit, wellbeing and mental health.

Big Change projects (School 21 and Reclaim) were profiled as best practice examples of organizations embedding growth mindset at their core. Several of our community were interviewed as those who had demonstrated an extraordinary growth mindset in their own lives and in the culture of their organizations (for example, Virgin and Innocent).

We are proud to be championing growth mindset and look forward to finding more big change projects that can support young people to grow, versus shrink in the face of set backs.


Want to find out more? Check out our Impact Report, and the research report here.