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How to go Far as a Team

26 September 2014: posted by BigChange

When Dan Barrett heard about the Virgin STRIVE Challenge, he couldn’t resist the opportunity. It possessed a perfect blend of challenge, ambition and fun. Coming home from Zermatt, he can definitely say that it delivered an unforgettable experience which tested each and every person…

I always think that when we’re pushed outside of our comfort zones, we learn the most. That might be moving into a new job, trying something for the first time which you’re not so sure about or frankly just doing something that scares you.

The unique perspective from Strive is that everyone was in the same situation. We may have trekked or cycled before, but not as a group and not under the same conditions. We all shared the same goals: getting to the end.


Travelling in small groups of 8 – 10, we worked together as a team: sharing water and food, checking each other were OK , slowing down when our team mates needed to. It was this camaraderie that allowed us to get to the finish line.


In work and outside of work, you have to build and use the same skills. We can achieve more together than we can alone and knowing how to work in a team is an essential part of this.

The important questions to ask yourself are:

  1. What is my role on the team?
  2. What can I do to make the team stronger? That can be as simple as being the person who checks everyone has enough water or if someone is struggling, reaching out to them to check they are OK.

The lesson from Strive is that we are all different. Recognising these differences is essential to build a strong team as well as identifying where people have similar strengths.

This can apply to any situation: groups of friends, classes at school, sports teams. Making the most of these strengths can allow the team to finish stronger.