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The Global Change Leaders Gathering

22 February 2018: posted by BigChange

At the end of January Essie & Rosie attended the Global Change Leaders gathering in Lyon – hosted by Ashoka, Global Education Futures, the Global Education Leaders Partnership and other partners including the Lyon Metropole. The gathering brought together pioneering change leaders and experts from over 80 countries across the globe to explore how we can change our existing education systems, and develop new ‘learning ecosystems’, which empower all young people to live for the greater good.

Over four days attendees worked in cross-discipline teams to define the kinds of learning experiences that need to be created to equip young people with the knowledge, values, skills and mindsets to be change makers and leaders. Ideas included learning through nature and the environment, digital learning, inquiry and challenge based learning, arts education, and home learning and the role of parents and families.

It was great to hear from attendees who are developing prototypes of the new systems of support needed to enable these learning experiences to happen in a way that’s meaningful and powerful. We discussed the barriers and obstacles to change, and a number of international collaborations around important levers for change – for example assessment, government policymaking, funding, new school models – were set up, and teams will report back at future gatherings.

We also made some great connections for Reimagining Education – with the Brookings Institute, Teach for All, WISE and others – and spent a significant amount of time with UK educators and social sector leaders looking at specific challenges and opportunities here in the UK, and what we can do together in the coming months to take this agenda and many of the ideas which emerged forward.

There has been some great coverage coming out of the event:

Strengthening global education partnerships during a time of increasing isolationism

David Brooks wrote a great piece for The New York Times about changemakers:

The Lyon Metropole also announced during the gathering that they are going to become the first City led learning ecosystem prototype (in the world) to explore this new way of thinking, which was amazing: