Franklin Scholars – 2014

What’s the Big Idea?

The Franklin Scholars are outstanding student leaders, helping younger students make a strong start in secondary school through peer tutoring and coaching.

The Franklin Scholars programme equips high-potential Year 10 students to provide targeted mentoring and skills coaching for the younger children that need it most, when they need it most; helping to build their confidence, self-worth and optimism, and cultivate fruitful futures both within the school gates and beyond. IMG_1696

The opportunity

The transition from primary to secondary school can be a complex and precarious juncture for young students. But in every school, there is an abundance of brilliant young people with the potential to positively influence others.

Scary stat

72% of children from tough backgrounds struggle at this transition point- leading to very damaging dips in confidence and academic progress – often setting them back years.

The solution

The Franklin Scholars Programme taps into the one resource that no school is short of –the students themselves! Both the mentors and the mentees learn. Barriers are broken down. Key life skills are taught and an ongoing support network between years is formed.


Franklin Scholars are high-potential year 10 students professionally coached through a peer-peer mentor and coach programme to support the most at-risk year 7s. Weekly support builds confidence, self-worth and optimism to navigate the complexities of life.

What is Big Change doing? 

We are helping Franklin Scholars to scale their programme from six to 20 schools in order to prove impact, evolve, and grow.

The Big Change grant of £42k will help them to build their capacity and scale by:

  • Hiring a new programme manager
  • Developing their website
  • Creating printed material for scholars

Additional Big Change support:

  • Gifted a computer
  • Karl Lokko & Sam Branson have spoken at Scholar events
  • Raised profile and provided a peer network