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Elevation Challenge 2015 – Meet the Team

22 June 2015: posted by BigChange


In December last year, while I was busy trying to decide whether or not to have a third bowl of Christmas pudding, Ben Treasure and Erin Duffy were busy deciding on the route for their next epic adventure.

Ben and Erin are two students at the London School of Economics that have a real flare for adventure. Ben is an avid mountaineer, who was introduced to Big Changer’s Sam and Noah during the Strive Challenge in 2014, while Erin is an avid runner and cyclist.

This year, they will set off on the Elevation Challenge, where they will travel from the lowest to the highest point in Europe. This will take them 5,000 kilometres from Holland, across Europe, Turkey, and Georgia before summiting Mount Elbrus in Russia (5,642 metres).


We are absolutely thrilled that Ben and Erin have decided that fundraise for Big Change through the Elevation Challenge. They are passionate about understanding the problems that face young people in the UK, and about finding ways to help overcome them. They also know a thing or two about overcoming personal challenges, and pushing yourself to turn your wildest dreams into realities.

Ben and Erin have about three weeks left before they set off – keep up with their prep and training on their website, check our their Facebook page, and donate to support the cause! You can also follow the Elevation Challenge on Twitter and Instagram for live updates.