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It’s who you choose to STRIVE with!

23 September 2014: posted by BigChange

Daniel Apedu joined us for the Haute Route Hike on the Virgin STRIVE Challenge. Now a social entrepreneur, Daniel used to be a member of one of the most notorious gangs in London. However, during the Hike, he fought a different kind of battle – in the form of severe blisters and exhaustion. Here is what Daniel learned through this experience…


To grow as a person you must step out of your place of comfort, STRIVE was just that and that is exactly what I did. There were stages during the hike when I thought the mountain would never end but all I did was concentrate on each step I took. A great life lesson learnt, as long as I did each step well and not concentrate on anything else I would eventually reach my desired destination. My fellow Strivers encouraged me to observe all the scenery along the way towards our destination.

This made me understand that it is just as important to enjoy the journey as the destination.

Daniel Apeddu

One thing I always knew but was proven on this journey that no matter what my body communicated to my mind such as pain or quitting, my mind had the power to override and persist. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of struggle, it made the goal all the more worthwhile. My greatest observation throughout the whole experience was not just the beautiful journey but who we choose to journey with, that makes all the difference. The Strivers kept the whole team positive and created a buzz to do it, a great energy that gave us all a sense of strength and empowerment.

It helped to remember that no matter how difficult something was, the struggle was temporary; it was something I was passing through and it could not last forever.

So overall, endurance was the victor because the end goal was kept in mind.

Featured photo by Jack Brockway