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How we choose our projects – Impact Council

28 June 2017: posted by BigChange

How do we choose our projects?

The project finding process is mission critical at Big Change – we want to choose the most innovative projects that can make the best biggest difference.

We received over 60 project proposals for both Oracy and Teacher Wellbeing. Of course, we would love to be able to fund all of these amazing ideas, but with limited funds, unfortunately, we could only select a few. So how do we make the decision of which projects to back?

A crucial part of our projecting finding process is to work with our Impact Council. Our Impact Council are a group of Big Changers, who we consult to help us choose the biggest and best ideas which we  think will make the biggest impact. The group consists of business leaders, sector experts, teachers and of course the Big Change team. The group includes the  founder of ProperCorn Ryan Kohn,  sector experts like Loic Menzies from LKMco and Jake Hyman from Ten Years Time and fantastic  teachers like Lucy Morris.

On this day, we invite all of our final round projects into Big Change HQ, so we can get to know the team and their ideas. They present to us their big idea in a elevator style pitch, before we grill them with further questions about why they want to be part of Big Change.

At Big Change, we know the importance of asking smart questions. So we thought we would share with you some of the questions we use to guide our decision making process, so you can understand the Big Change thinking….

  • Is this a big idea that can create systemic change? Is it a smart insight-led idea with ability to affect or inspire change in the wider sector?
  • Is there a clear business case for why this is needed and that it will be taken up by the market? Is there a solid cross sector evidence of a critical need and desire for change?
  • Do we feel confident around the operational plan? Is there a solid operational model with a clear plan and evidence for sustainability?
  • Is it led by a Big Changer? A visionary leader who will guide the way on this project and the sector more broadly?
  • Is Big Change excited about it? Can’t wait to get started- we feel it could be a seminal Big Change project.

We spent all day discussing the projects  and we can’t wait to be revealing our 2017 cohort to  you in the next few months!