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Celebrating our Impact

30 June 2016: posted by BigChange

On Tuesday, we hosted our second ever Big Change Impact Event. It was fantastic to get our community together in one room to celebrate the progress we’ve made and to share our plans going forward.

On stage we had two of our Project Partners, our Young Advisors, and two of the Virgin STRIVE Challenge Core Team members that will be leading the way this September.

These Big Changers covered a number of themes, but one that was particularly prominent was the importance of supporting and inspiring our young people to thrive in life.

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Our Project Partners

Ruth & Ed, our partners from Reclaim and School 21, shared with us their visions for young people. For Ruth, this is to end leadership inequality in a generation.

“Our project is all about encouraging young people to believe in themselves as leaders,”

There are kids all across North England on council estates who might dream of changing the world, who might dream of making an impact, but feel a long way from power and influence. Reclaim acts as a bridge, it supports them and says ‘you can do that.

Ed’s vision, which is not dissimilar, is to instill in young people the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.

“We’ve built our school around trying to develop a specific set of skills, and these are skills that have been useful since the beginning of time,”

“When developed, they become super powers; like being able to communicate with people in a powerful way. They have always been useful, but our system is continuing to not focus on them.”


Our Young Advisors

Lisa and Jeremiah,  members of our youth board, reminded us that there are a number of areas where young people need more support. More importantly, they emphasised that if we are to drive meaningful change, then they need to be an active part of the solution. We need to provide young people need the platforms to have their voices heard to help shape their own futures.

“As it stands,” Jeremiah explained, “change is just a word. We need it to be an action.”

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Our Strivers

STRIVE Core Team members Lara Milward and Justin Packshaw shared their personal accounts of what it means to strive, and why they are putting themselves through the gruelling challenge again this year.

“We have to invest in the next generation,” said Justin.

“We have to give individuals the tools to find their true intentions. As a collective, allow them to think big, challenge assumptions and believe that everything is possible. Create a vision that is going to change the current reality. How do we do that? Through collaboration.”

Lara also touched on the importance of supporting and inspiring younger generations;

My children, your children, our children are the future of the UK. And if we want them to be brave enough to strive in life, we need to lead by example.

And of course, what is a Big Change event if it doesn’t end with a beautiful poem by the one and only Karl Lokko!



The whole evening was a great reminder of the amazing community we have around us at Big Change that are truly passionate about driving change for young people in the UK. We look forward to continuing to collaborate to make that change a reality.

Thanks to all those who came out!

The Big Change team x

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