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Big Changer of the Month: Alex Petsch

17 September 2015: posted by BigChange

At Big Change, we’re surrounded by a community of amazing people doing some pretty awesome stuff. So we’ve decided to try something new this month – to shine a light on them and share their stories.

At the end of each month, we’ll be featuring a Big Changer – someone who is enthusiastic about our mission, and that is taking that energy and channeling it into making Big Changes in their own lives. This could be a small, personal change, a bigger initiative in their community, or even something on an international scale (no limits here)!

We’re very excited to introduce you to our first Big Changer of the month:  Alex Petsch!


Alex Petsch is a holistic health guru, yoga instructor, and mother of two. She joined our community this year when she signed up for the 2015 STRIVE Challenge, where she successfully hiked 44 miles along the West Highland Way and summited Ben Nevis alongside 60 other Strivers back in July.

Since then, Alex has been busking to raise money for Big Change. We loved this idea, and had a chat with Alex to find out more…

A few weeks ago you went out busking for Big Change following the Strive Challenge. What motivated you to do this? 

Strive was one of the most inspirational weeks of my life to date. The electric energy emanating from every single person involved, the positivity and creative potential was infectious and I started to remember feelings I had long forgotten…I realised that I had let the fact that I’d become a Mum limit what I believed was possible for myself.

Strive gave me back the courage and enthusiasm to begin to recreate the perfect role for myself, and realise that I could do it all whilst making a positive difference to causes I am passionate about, as well enhancing my role as a Mum.

I had recently taken steps to turn my lifelong passion of singing into a professional career and one of the things still to do on my bucket list was busking – so I decided to stop waiting for the ‘right time’ and use my fundraising target for Big Change as motivation!


Tell us more about the busking! How did it go?

I was extremely nervous. Although I’ve sung in public before, I was worried about the reaction from people on the street. The reaction was great – some of the local shop assistants were even dancing on their balcony during a break! My first attempt was a quiet afternoon in my local village, and I raised £40 in 2 hours, but now I have the bug I’ve been braving busier and busier places… So I’m hoping to reach my fundraising target soon!

Quite a few people have also stopped me and asked about Big Change, so I’m chuffed that it’s raising awareness as well as funds for the charity.

If you could make any change in the world, or your community, what would it be?

I’m a yoga instructor and the spiritual teachings I studied have informed the way I live and see the world. They also opened my mind to finding out more about many other ancient spiritual traditions. Since embarking upon this journey, these combined teachings have taught me that there is only one person who is responsible for my state of mind, health and life, and that’s me!

We are all wiser than we give ourselves credit for. We always know the answers ourselves, we just often don’t take enough time to ask the questions or listen for the response.

I would love this empowering mindset to be the predominant attitude in our culture (and world wide) as when people start to take responsibility for their own circumstances, lives and dreams, amazing things happen!

What do you think you will do, or try to change going forward to make that happen?

Well… Big Change is doing great things to promote this ‘growth mindset’ way of thinking, which is why I love the charity so much. It’s getting that message out there when it’s really important. It is not just telling children that ‘the sky’s the limit’, but it’s showing them how and proving it. So, I’m going to do as much as I can to support Big Change… I’m actually holding a curry night next week!

I’ve also made a commitment to myself that I am going to embody these values in my own life, at every possible opportunity. To quote Marianne Williamson; ‘As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.’

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We love how you drew on your talents and passions to raise awareness for Big Change. What words of wisdom do you have for other people out there who want to make changes in their lives, but aren’t sure how?

We are all wiser than we give ourselves credit for. We always know the answers ourselves, we just often don’t take enough time to ask the questions or listen for the response.

I would encourage people not to focus too long on what they don’t like about their life, but to start asking themselves what they love doing and how they can squeeze a bit more of that into their time. There is always a way to work more of what you love into your life, even if it’s a compromise to begin with. The energy and excitement this creates within yourself begins to grow and empower you and before you know it, people around you start responding to this, as does every cell in your body. This way, change isn’t something that you have to actually ‘do’ it’s just something that effortlessly evolves from doing what you love.

Have you been making changes in your community? Do you know someone who has? Tell us about it! Email