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Celebrating our partnership with NCS

7 August 2014: posted by BigChange

Last week, we announced our partnership with NCS by visiting the O2 Think Big Hub to meet some of the current participants. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with NCS – we believe their innovative program truly gives young people the chance to develop key life skills and to make a positive contribution to their communities.

Big Change founders, Sam Branson, Isabella Branson and Princess Beatrice surprised the NCS participants at the O2 Think Big Hub to hear about the participants’ ideas for a social enterprise in a dragon’s den style forum. The winning team was awarded an extra £100 towards their project!

We heard great pitches from the three teams. The first group, Sleepy Tips, is attempting to battle the problems of insomnia and sleep deprivation that teenagers suffer from today. They hope to raise awareness about the problem and help the world get a better night’s rest.

Next up, we heard from Wagwarn – who want to help young students like themselves figure out “what is really going on”. They surveyed young people and found out that 83% of students don’t think they know enough about UK Government, and that 59% don’t feel as though they have access to Life Skills. Hearing these statistics from these young people makes us realise that our mission at Big Change is vital.

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Finally, Save The Food pitched their social enterprise to us – they are aiming to target Grocery Stores in the UK who waste over 30 billion tonnes of food annually to help reduce waste. One way they want to help is to put pressure on the stores to donate more food to homeless shelters, as only 1% of food thrown out is currently donated

Big Change Celebrates Partnership with NCS
Big Change Celebrates Partnership with NCS

The judges went off for deliberation and had a hard time picking a winner. All three teams did an excellent job of pitching to the dragons and in the end, the dragons couldn’t pick a winner and awarded each team with  £100 to help them with their social enterprises.

The day really confirmed how happy we are to be partnering with NCS. These students are living proof that NCS helps young people to develop key life skills such as communication, confidence, teamwork and budgeting. We couldn’t be more proud of what they have set out to achieve and we are so excited to follow up with them in September to find out how they got on with their ideas.

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